Calendar of Events

Residents enjoy the Social life at Eagle Point. So much to do and not enough time. Do what you like. This Calendar will help you plan your events.

ORGANIZER: Be sure to list your event here for others to see. Send details of your event to: [email protected]. Be sure to include your name and a contact number and details of how you want your event listed. Also, if an event changes time or is over for the season please contact me.

SUNDAY        Activity Room - 2:00 PM Dominos 
                    Social Hall - 6:30 PM Pokeno

MONDAY      Appropriate Area - 7:30 & 8:30 AM Water Aerobics,
                                                9:00 AM Horseshoe Practice, 1:30 PM Shuffleboard   
                             Social Hall - 6:45 PM Euchre

TUESDAY      Appropriate Areas - 7:30 & 8:30 AM Water Aerobics, 8:00 AM Men’s Golf,
                                                 2:30 PM Bocce Ball                
                   Activity Room - 9:00 AM Computer Group, 12:30 PM Chat & Sew,6:30 PM Mixed Poker 
                   Social Hall -11:00 AM Quilt Club, 7:00 PM Shanghai Rummy

WEDNESDAY Appropriate Areas - 7:30 & 8:30 AM Water Aerobics, 7:30 AM Men’s Breakfast, 
                                                  9:00 AM Horseshoe Practice,  12:30 PM Couples Golf
                   Social Hall - 9:30 AM Line Dancing, 1:30 Shanghai Rummy, 7:00 PM Bingo 
                   Wreck Room - 6:30 PM Men's Pool 
                   Activities Room - 6:30 PM Mixed Poker

THURSDAY   Appropriate Areas 7:30 & 8:30 AM Water Aerobics,
                                               TBD AM Kayaking, 8:45 AM Bowling,  
                   Activities Room - 12:45 PM Bridge,
6:45 PM Texas Hold’em

FRIDAY        Appropriate Areas - 7:30 & 8:30 AM Water Aerobics,9:00 AM Horseshoe Practice
                   Activities Room - 1:30 PM Mahjong
                   Social Hall - 7:00 PM Cards

SATURDAY Social Hall - 8:30 AM Coffee and Donuts (except Saturday with Free Breakfast),
                                   10:00 AM Painting Class