Pet Registration Form

SECTION VIII PETS (per Rules & Regulations)
a)Pets are limited to 2 per home. Dogs, weighing no more than 30 pounds at maturity, cats and caged birds are the only types of pets permitted within the PARK.
b)HOMEOWNERS must, upon the written request of the PARK, provide evidence of the current licensure of each dog and cat and a veterinarian’s certification of the weight of all dogs.
c)Dogs and cats must be leashed and under the control of the HOMEOWNER when not within the home. Any dog or cat found off-leash outside of the HOMEOWNER’S premises may be reported to Charlotte County’s Animal Control.
d)Persons walking pets must not allow their animals to trespass on other HOMEOWNERS’ property.
e)HOMEOWNERS must remove and properly dispose of dog excrement by placing it in a bag or other suitable container.
f)Pets are prohibited in all PARK buildings and other facilities.
g)The BOARD reserves the right to require the removal of a pet when the pet becomes a nuisance or, after investigation and issuance of a warning, the owner is found to be in violation of these rules.
h)The above rules regulating pets must be observed by all GUESTS, VISITORS and INVITEES of a HOMEOWNER